About Us

iTAS Innovations believes in the ideas that enrich the quality of living by adopting minimalistic solutions philosophy, offering technological solutions, relevant to the present and at the same time to be future-proof. With ever-increasing demand for “more with less” mantra, with limited natural and man-made resources, paradigm shift to minimalism is the need of the hour. iTAS innovations specializes in the field of embedded product design and services, that is geared-up to offer innovative, cost effective product solutions and services. With the average industry experience of 15+ years in the field of embedded systems, iTAS Innovations is currently focusing to serve in the areas of Consumer Lifestyle, Health & Wellbeing and Sustainable living.



At iTAS, we strive to enrich the quality of living of the world by offering innovative solutions based on minimalism philosophy, that are relevant to present and are future proof.


With the team’s average embedded industry experience of 15+ years, iTAS specializes in the field of embedded systems products and design services

Embedded product development: –from ideation to final product
  • Idea->concept ->prototype->product->deploy
Embedded design services
  • Architecture and design
  • Hardware and software development
  • System and software integration and testing
  • Customer product deployment and support
  • Program/Project management consultancy

Focus Area

With main focus on meaningful innovation, iTAS serves the overlapping consumer market segments of consumer lifestyle, healthcare and sustainable living .